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Why Night Shift Workers Are More Likely to be Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

If you work as a night nurse or work other irregular shifts, you have a greater risk of being diagnosed with a metabolic disorder like Type 2 diabetes. A University of Colorado-Boulder study discovered a dope-response in night shift workers that was linked with a higher incidence of the disease.

According to those who worked on the study, the risk was higher for the most nights worked. For example, if someone worked more than 8 nights a month, they had a 36% higher chance of getting diabetes. This is compared to a 24% higher risk for people who worked three nights or less. Surprisingly, those who worked 3-8 nights a month had a lower risk: 11%.

So do the results of this study show that you should quit your job if you work nights? Not necessarily as researchers did note that the risk was not significantly higher when compared to other risk factors. For example, obesity, exercise, and diet all could potentially increase someone's risk of being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes more.

What Should You Do If You Get Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is manageable as long as you take the proper steps. For one, you should follow your doctor's instructions regarding diet and exercise so you don't worsen your condition. In some cases, you might be able to halt the progression.

In addition to that, night workers should consider medical supply delivery services to ensure they have their diabetic medical supplies at all times. Since these workers often have different schedules than regular business hours, medical supply delivery services ensure they have everything they need to test and record their blood sugar.

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